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In 2019 we lost our sweet baby girl, Artist Paj’on Battles, at 5 months old.  Our family was devastated by a vicious, cancerous brain tumor; Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumors (ATRT).  As we sat up late nights and faced the impending and uncertain future, we, as a family, agreed that our hope for our daughter to change the world would not stop with her passing, but continue through her name. 

We have seen in our lifetimes the impact that education can have on an individual, family and community. We decided that our daughter’s legacy would be born out of our passion for higher education.  We started the BattleCutz scholarship three years ago and in 2020 renamed it for our daughter.  The Artist Paj’on Scholarship(501c3) was born.

With a focus on education, exposure, and leadership for African American/Black high school seniors, we are proud to be able to offer a scholarship for qualifying applicants to help them achieve their higher education ambitions. Our partnership doesn’t stop with the scholarship, our organization stays connected with each recipient to provide resources to help ensure each Artist Paj’on Scholarship recipient achieves their full scholastic potential in the studies of their choice.

WE NEED YOU! All the funds for our scholarship and resources are raised through the generous giving of our partners. We would love to be able to count on you to assist us in achieving our goal of changing the world through education, in our daughter’s name.  With that, we can’t express enough our appreciation for the time you took to consider us as one of your philanthropical partners for 2023.

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